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Putting it all together...
For nearly three decades Canadian Agra has pioneered the integration of sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and the environment through investment, research and training.  

is a company dedicated to the development of agricultural and environmental sustainability in the world market. Our operations span many areas in the agricultural industry and our market is global.

Through our investment in people, training, research and technology as well as our network of strategic alliances, investors, affiliates and partnerships we have positioned Canadian Agra at the forefront of an exciting frontier. A frontier that provides for agricultural and environmental sustainability while helping provide the market with the supply required for the needs and wants of the population.

Linking Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Environment together

All Canadian Agra Managers must be qualified to apply the following seven (7) principles and steps in managing Canadian Agra's and its client's affairs:

Visioning the overall goal.  
Focusing on the approach.  
Planning each and every step.  
Designing the details with full documentation.  
Assembling a suitable and dedicated  team to build the "complete system".  
Supporting what the team has done
and confirm their work.

Repeating on an ongoing basis  what they have accomplished.


At the core of our operations is our belief that maximum service to clients, customers and consumers will be achieved. To provide this service we employ Six Sigma Philosophy, which is a highly disciplined philosophy allowing us to deliver near perfect products and services. Three essential objectives have been identified that help us define our strategy and direction for each of our companies and divisions, they are:

- Global Thinking
- Innovations
- Environmental Friendly Approach

Each of the three objectives are developed and set using both qualitative and quantitative criteria. A Team Effort is employed, which includes directors, managers, operating teams and employees, to develop targets on an ongoing basis. Performance evaluations and bonuses are directly linked to the goal achievement and the company employs a bottom to top strategy formation system.

As our basis for development, growth and achievement, we employ Canadian Agra’s Integrated Agricultural Concept™. This concept helps us determine our long term goals and assesses the compatibility of each project towards this purpose. Our on going emphasis is to provide optimal solutions to all important stakeholders.

The Canadian Agra System, in conjunction with Canadian Agra’s Integrated Agricultural Concept™ separates us from the competition and directs us to long term thinking, agricultural and environmental sustainability and high achievements.

The Future holds unlimited opportunities for those who prepare today

•  We are Farmers
•  Our Focus is Agriculture
•  Our Future is Agriculture and the Environment

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