The ‘Regional IAC to support the local farming community’

1. Locally owned (by local farmers and local entrepreneurs)
2. Local board (local reporting structure)
3. Local management (local understanding and global thinking)
4. Global innovations (access to the most advanced technologies)
5. Global logistics for value added products (containerized “door to door”)
6. Global markets (adjusted to the various cultures – the “global consumers”)
7. IAC – the local production to global consumers

“Regional Integrated Agricultural Concept”


Canadian Agra Corporation will help you to establish (including support and training) “Regional Centres to implement the IAC”
on a contract basis anywhere in the world as follows:


Set the vision of the CA related regional businesses, based on CA’s Integrated Agricultural Concept (“IAC”) for:

•  Production of agricultural crops (driven by crop rotation complimenting local farmers)
•  Processing to add value to locally grown agricultural crops
•  Marketing to global territories on a “door to door” transatlantic containerized system, linking local farmers to direct markets around the world

Establish agri-business to compliment the farming communities on a regional basis (County level):

• Agriculture – direct farming including adding value and direct marketing
• Green Energy – farming related green energy generation to compliment farming and the new Green Energy Act
• Environment - to establish sustainable farming approaches and a carbon credit system for creating additional farming income


Provide CA’s services, licences, know-how and technologies to the regional CA businesses:

• Farmland sale and leaseback, to provide cash to individual farmers while them holding on to their farmland through leaseback
• Farm property management, to manage the land for absentee farmland owners (domestic and international)
• CROPCO, crop consulting and soil compaction measurements
• CUSTO, custom-work systems with equipment leasing for more economic farming
• SCP, Soil and Climate Protection including environmental assessments specifically for farm operations


The first step is an evaluation based on information of the particular "Regional Area" where the IAC is intended to be implemented, followed by a non-binding Letter of Intent, outlining the intentions of the parties between Canadian Agra Corporation and the local consortium of farmers and business people living in that area.


Please apply to Canadian Agra Corporation by e-mail:

and include the following information:

Region and country:
Telephone number:
Contact time:


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