Department of Project Development

The department of Project Development is a division of Canadian Agra which bring new and innovative technologies to life. The group works with many technologies and utilizes the latest research to bring projects from initial conceptions into completed business units. While the majority of the projects are in the Agri-food or Agri-feed industries, the group also works in many other industries including energy, transportation and training just to name a few.

The group is involved in all stages of the life-cycle of the project. When projects are first conceived, detailed feasibility studies are conducted to determine if a project can succeed in the market place. Things like technological maturity, market readiness, market share, financial projects are all taken into account to make a good assessment of the viability of a project. Once detailed studies have been completed and it was discovered that a project may be successful the group creates detailed plans which outline everything from the design to the implementation and determines the exact resource and investment requirements.

Based on the above, decisions are made to go ahead with a project. Once the decision is made, the group contracts with the appropriate companies to complete the design build & commission operations. Often this process can take years, and the group is thoroughly involved in the process to ensure operations are build up to the specifications and requirements. After an operation is completed, the group is involved in the commissioning and training of the staff and the operation is then turned over to its own individual business unit. The project development group is still involved at this point to ensure the operation proceeds as originally planned. They are also involved in looking for ways to optimize and stream line the operation, and making the operation more efficient.

The Project Development group has worked for more than a decade on several larger projects including:

  • An alfalfa dehydration facility which takes alfalfa as an input, dries it and then produces cubes which are used as horse feed
  • A fruit juice processing plant which produced juices from a variety of input materials including tomatoes, apples and several others
  • A canola oil extraction facility which extracted canola oil from canola seed. The facility used only natural means for extraction (as opposed to chemical extraction) and was unique in North America

The services the group provides are both for our own group of companies and also for outside clients who are considering projects in the Agri-food or Agri-feed industry. The group has extensive experience in the industry and access to over two decades of agriculture experience through other divisions of Canadian Agra and related companies.