Farmland Sale & Leaseback Program

After Canadian Agra was established in 1981, just before the high interest rate era hit the Canadian farming community, Canadian Agra became the first Canadian organization offering a sophisticated Farmland Sale & Leaseback Program to Canadian Farmers.

Today, more than 30 years later, Canadian Agra again is in the business of structuring Farmland Sale & Leaseback transactions for Canadian farmers, this will be even more important when interest rates will start to increase again.

    Advantages of the Farmland Sale & Leaseback Program

  •   Retire and make the farm available to your children

  •   Have the cash now and the farmland on a long-term lease

  •   Improve your home farm and divest the additional farmland on a leaseback option


If you would like to apply for our Farmland Sale & Leaseback Program download and print the following file:

Farmland Sale & Leaseback Application