FARMLAND ASSEMBLY CORPORATION, a company incorporated under the laws of New Brunswick, is the General Partner for FARMLAND ASSEMBLY LP, a Limited Partnership registered under Limited Partnership Act of New Brunswick.

The FARMLAND ASSEMBLY LP was formed to acquire farmland that becomes available on the market and use the acquired farmland to assemble this farmland into larger blocks. The assembled farmland blocks will then be made available for purchase by absentee owners.

The farmland is leased to local farmers on an x-bushel of corn per acre. The number of bushels of corn will then be converted into a dollar amount by multiplying the total bushels of corn x the current price of corn listed on October 15thin the current crop year, this amount would be the ‘Current Year Lease Payment’. The Farmer has to pay the Current Year Lease Payment in full on October 31steach. This allows the Investor to participate in the marketing of the crop; however, the production risk stays with the farmer (as the local specialist in farming). If the Investor prefers a cash lease $-amount per acre then this is also possible and will be paid on October 31st of the current crop year.

The farmland assembly concept and the Farmers Sale & Leaseback Program were developed by Canadian Agra more than 30 years ago. Farmland Investment is still one of the most secure investments on the market – indeed, ‘secure in equity and secure in income’.

If you have an interest in farmland investments,
please contact:

Farmland Assembly Corporation
1-2351 Huron Street, DANCOR Campus
London, Ontario, N5V 0A8

Telephone: +1-519-858-3000
Telefax: +1-519-858-2658