Department of IAC IT-Platform

Canadian Agra's Integrated Agricultural Concept™ is a three stage cyclical integration of production, processing and marketing: Production of high quality agricultural crops; processing of these crops to add value and global marketing of the value added product.


Agriculture has always been mankind's most important enterprise. Since industrialization, an increasingly fragmented economy has created a global imbalance in agricultural production, consumption, and economic benefit.

Global application of Canadian Agra's "Integrated Agricultural Concept" can help to reduce these imbalances. The Concept is a sophisticated tool designed to achieve sustainable, profitable agriculture based on environmentally friendly methods.

This not only re-integrates the three economic sectors at the local and national level (maximizing profit and minimizing waste) but aids in the integration of international economies to promote stability and economic growth.

The Concept has been successfully operating in Canada for the past fourteen years and the resulting know-how is now being exported to other countries. The Concept is being implemented in Eastern Europe, Mexico and China.