We are always looking for employees that are able to provide excellent customer service, operate in a fast paced environment, are dedicated and trustworthy and employ high integrity and honesty.

Canadian Agra has openings for a variety of positions in the coming months. We are interested in filling as many of these positions from the local community.

Please check back in the near future.



Our ongoing Corporate Checklist:

1. What steps do we take to make sure that every employee fully understands where the business is heading and how we plan to get there?

2. How do we ensure that our people’s individual objectives and plans support what we are trying to accomplish as a total organization?

3. How good are we at keeping a focus on performance, especially at sharing and discussing how well we are doing as a business, as teams and as individuals?

4. How do we engage with our people and involve them in order to build commitment towards our business direction and priorities in order to get important things done?

5. What are we doing to manage the growth, development and progression of our people?

Canadian Agra is dedicated to the processing of locally grown agricultural materials into value added products for the global market using environmentally sustainable practices and renewable energy.

Interested parties should forward their resumes and applications to the contact information on the "Job Decription: or to:


1-2351 Huron Street, DANCOR Campus
London, Ontario, N5V 0A8
fax: 519-858-2658

No telephone calls please


This page is constantly updated and new employment opportunities
will be posted. Please check back on a regular basis.