Department of Farmland Assembly  

The Department of Farmland Assembly is an entity of CANADIAN AGRA Corporation that coordinates the assembly of farmland parcels for larger scale commercial agricultural operations.


This department works closely with local real-estate brokers and banks in order to continually assemble an inventory of first class farmland. Services provided for the investor interested in acquiring a large scale farming operation include:

•   Purchase of high quality farmland. Prior to purchase of any farmland we perform a rigorous inspection of the land ensuring its acceptability. If a client has a preference for farmland in a specific geographic location or for a particular type of operation that is not part of our current inventory, we will attempt to locate and purchase property meeting the client's specifications.

•   Establishment and Management of a Portfolio A portfolio usually begins at 500 acres and over two to three years may be increased to a maturity of 2500 acres. At this time, clients may choose to divest, to continue to grow or to collect the income from their portfolio. Most of the current portfolios held by the department of Farmland Assembly clients are in Ontario as Ontario offers the most competitive rate of return and has the most favorable government regulations for the foreign investor. Portfolios in western Canada are usually larger (4000 acres) since farmland prices are lower in this part of the country.


Clients of the department of Farmland Assembly are mainly foreign investors who have specific and substantial long-term investment plans for premium farmland in Canada.


Economies of scale are realized on large scale farming operations thus maximizing returns.

Resale value is higher on large acreage. We specialize only in high quality prime farmland. The company has a large selection of suitable land in Canada for inclusion in a portfolio specifically assembled to meet the needs of the client.