Department of Farm Property Management

The Farm Property Management Division of Canadian Agra oversees our extensive land holdings and is responsible for the selection of suitable tenants and the administration of land rental agreements.

Land rental agreements are the contractual basis for situations in which the land owner does not farm the land, but rents it out. Under certain circumstances, it is advantageous for a farmer to lease land rather than to purchase it: no heavy investment from the farmer is required, but the expansion of production remains an option. A sophisticated farm management system has been developed by Canadian Agra.

The rental agreements contain clauses specifying good land-stewardship practices, which prevents the exploitation of the land. Long-term thinking is built into the contract regulations.

The farm property management division is also responsible for land improvements, such as the installation of drainage, the renovation of houses and barns, the removal of old fences and other obstacles, and the creation of grass waterways and windbreaks for erosion control.

Farm Property Management conducts field-by-field land assessment studies. These consider all factors affecting the value of land such as location, fertility, topography and soil quality. An evaluation system to assess each parcel of land is in place. These land assessments, advising the portfolio owners of market value, incorporate financial information such as land price, annual return, expenses and rental income.

The computerized records which are kept for each field are tabulated against evaluation standards developed by Canadian Agra taking into account current agricultural trends and government regulations.

New concepts are always explored. Canadian Agra is working in co-operation with universities in Canada as well as in the U.S.