The Company

CANADIAN AGRA Corporation is a privately owned business started in 1981. It is devoted to the development and implementation of Canadian Agra's Integrated Agricultural Concept™.

This concept combines the production of high quality agricultural products, the value added processing of these products and the international marketing of the end products for the best possible return. The know-how developed from our implementation of the Integrated Agriculture Concept™ is now being exported globally.

A team approach promotes close cooperation and communication between all sectors in the Integrated Agricultural Concept™. This teamwork extends to all levels of company operations and has become an integral part of our company culture.

Throughout all of our activities care is taken to select production and processing technologies that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

At the core of our business in Canada are the following divisions and associated companies:

  •    CA Farm Property Management
  •    Farmsale & Leaseback Program
  •    Farmland Assembly
  •    CA Project Development
  •    Canadian Soil and Climate Protection
  •    The Bruce Energy Centre